If you would like to know the latest training dates or which shows Wights Wizards will be attending then please have a look at our Facebook page or contact Cathy

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Migration to Facebook

For those people who regularly visit this site you will have noticed that more pages now link to Wight Wizards on Facebook. To make things easier here are all the links to Wight Wizards on Facebook.

Wight Wizards page: The main page about Wight Wizards. This is where training opportunities and demonstrations are posted. You can also find our Photo Gallery here too.

Wight Wizards Agility & Flyball Group: This is a closed group for people associated with Wight Wizards.

Wight Wizards Show Offs page: If you want to find out the latest results achieved by Wight Wizards handler and dogs, then this is the place to look. The Archived Results are still featured on this site.