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2009 Results

CathyWhiskeySeptemberUKA WaverunnersSteeplechase: NoviceCR
CathyWhiskeySeptemberUKA WaverunnersAgility: NoviceCR
CathyTashaSeptemberUKA WaverunnersSteeplechase: Novice2nd
OliverLucySeptemberKC SouthdownsAgility: G1-22nd
CathyAbbeySeptemberKC GillinghamJumping: G31st
MaggieMegSeptemberUKA WaverunnersSteeplechase: BeginnerCR
MaggieMegSeptemberKC SouthdownsJumping: G1-34th
MaggieBlueSeptemberKC SouthdownsJumping: G1-211th
JillStobieSeptemberKC SouthdownsJumping: G1-2CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedJumping Part 3: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC International Agility FestivalJumping Part 1: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC International Agility FestivalJumping Part 1: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC International Agility FestivalAgility Part 1: G322nd
JillStobieAugustKC BurridgeAgility: G1-2CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC International Agility FestivalJumping Part 2: G3CR
CathyAbbeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedAgility: G33rd
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedAgility Part 3: G312th
CathyTashaAugustKC Dogs In NeedJumping: G412th
StevenTashaAugustKC Dogs In NeedJumping: DINAS U129th
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedJumping Part 3: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedAgility Part 1: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyAugustKC Dogs In NeedJumping Part 2: G313th
CathyTashaJulyKC TuffleyJumping: G1-47th
CathyTashaJulyKC TuffleyJumping: G41st
CathyWhiskeyJulyKC Agility Club ShowAgility: G311th
JillStobieJulyKC BillinghurstAgility: G1CR
OliverLucyJulyKC Agility Club ShowAgility: G1-32nd
JillStobieJulyKC BillinghurstAgility: G1-211th
CathyTashaJulyKC TuffleyAgility: G3-5 combined
CSJ Qualifier
OliverSaskinJulyKC TuffleyJumping: G1-7 combinedCR
OliverAbbeyJulyKC TuffleyJumping: G3-428th
OliverLucyJulyKC TuffleyAgility: G1-7 combinedCR
JillStobieJuneKC ThamesAgility: G129th
JillStobieJuneKC ThamesAgility: G1-2 combinedCR
JillStobieJuneKC ThamesJumping: G126th
CathyTashaJuneKC ThamesAgility: G413th
OliverLucyJuneKC LandsdownJumping: G1-5CR
OliverLucyJuneKC LandsdownAgility: G1-53rd
CathyTashaJuneKC ThamesAgility: G3-5 combined
CathyWhiskeyMayKC CippenhamJumping: G3CR
CathyWhiskeyMayKC CippenhamAgility: G311th
CathyAbbeyMayKC CippenhamJumping: G32nd
OliverLucyAprilKC WallingfordJumping: G1-3CR
OliverLucyAprilKC WallingfordJumping: G1-2CR
OliverLucyAprilKC Kernow K9Jumping: G1-43rd
OliverLucyAprilKC Kernow K9Jumping: G1-4CR
CathyTashaAprilKC Kernow K9Agility: G45th
CathyAbbeyAprilKC Kernow K9Agility: G311th
CathyTashaAprilKC Kernow K9Agility: G4-5 combined7th
CathyTashaAprilKC WBSDSJumping: G4CR
CathyTashaAprilKC WallingfordAgility: G414th
CathyTashaAprilKC WBSDSJumping: G4-59th
JillStobieAprilKC WBSDSAgility: G119th
CathyAbbeyAprilKC WBSDSAgility Part 1: G39th
CathyAbbeyAprilKC WBSDSJumping Part 2: G310th
CathyAbbeyAprilKC WallingfordJumping: G39th
OliverLucyAprilKC WallingfordAgility: G1-22nd


The Kennel club award points for any dog and handler getting placed 1st – 10th at a KC Show.

Oliver & Lucy have qualified to compete in the prestigious Agility Club Finals for the second year running. This is held at the Agility Club Show in July.

Abbey & Tasha are now eligible to compete in the Novice Cup qualifier at the KC International Agility Festival in August where the successful partnerships go on to compete at Crufts.

Massive Congratulations to Maggie for getting her first Clear round with Meg after 5 years of trying at KC Southdowns!!! Also huge congratulations to Oliver for qualifying for the Agility Club Starters Challenge for the 3rd year on the trot with Lucy.

The following amazing photographs were very kindly contributed by Julie Adams. Thank you Julie. They feature Oliver with Lucy & Oliver with Saskin.



Oliver & Saskin

Oliver & Saskin