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2015 Results

Here are the 2015 results so far:

MarkMopJuneUKA GTSteeplechase: Champ3rd
MarkMopJuneUKA AldonSteeplechase: ChampCR
MarkMopJuneUKA AldonJumping: SeniorCR
MarkMopJuneUKA AldonJumping: SeniorCR
MarkMopJuneUKA SandSSteeplechase: Champ4th
MarkMopMayUKA QuadpawsSteeplechase: ChampCR
MarkMopMayUKA QuadpawsJumping: Senior1st
MarkMopMayUKA QuadpawsAgility: Senior3rd
MarkMopMayUKA QuadpawsJumping: Senior2nd
MarkMopMarchUKA NADSSteeplechase: Champ2nd
MarkMopMarchUKA NADSJumping: Senior2nd
MarkMopMarchUKA NADSSteeplechase: Champ3rd
MarkMopMarchUKA NADSJumping: Senior1st
MarkMopMarchUKA AJAXSJumping: SeniorCR
MarkMopMarchUKA AJAXSSteeplechase: ChampCR
Gained CSC II title
MarkMopMarchUKA AJAXSSteeplechase: Champ4th
MarkMopFebruaryUKA ValentinesJumping: Senior1st

The above results feature those dogs and handlers that compete at either UKA or KC competitions. If you train with Wight Wizards and would like your results published then please contact Cathy.