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Agility Progress Test Results

YearHandler & DogBreedLevelTime in seconds
(if Passed)
2014Pat & SpikeMiniature Schnauzer253.85
2014Doro & IsisBorder Collie238.21
2014Marian & PurdyWhippet253.03
2014Steph & DitsyGolden doodle246.15
2014Pat & SpikeMiniature Schnauzer156.14
2014Doro & IsisBorder Collie157.19
2014Sue & MaddieCairn x Jack russell158.14
2014Marian & PurdyWhippet153.82
2014Steph & DitsyGolden doodle158.23
2013Sine & MyaWorking Sheepdog147.87
2013Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel239.04
2013Ollie & SaskinBorder Collie cross227.74
2013Ivan & ChogunBlack Labrador151.50
2013Michelle & StormYellow Labrador241.22
2013Ivan & ChogunBlack Labrador254.36
2013Sean & KatieWorking Sheepdog134.48
2013Cathy & AmyWorking Sheepdog129.42
2013Sean & KatieWorking Sheepdog229.79
2013Michelle & StormYellow Labrador140.43
2013Ollie & SaskinBorder Collie cross129.32
2013Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel340.67
2010Jill & StobieEnglish Springer Spaniel2Course completed
2010Amanda & BellaBorder Terrier255:00
2010Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel144:00
2010Sue & HopeBlack Labrador162.00
2010Vik & SkyLurcher148:00
2010Margrit & NatiGerman Shepherd Dog168:00
2010Lora & BillyTerrier144:00
2010Zoe & RalphEnglish Springer Spaniel1Course completed
2010Barbara & JessicaCavalier King Charles180:00
2010Margaret & EbonyBrittany2Course completed
2010Sarah & FloydLurcher2Course completed
2010Margrit & NatiGerman Shepherd Dog260:00
2010Amanda & BellaBorder Terrier165:00
2010Sue & HopeBlack Labrador265:00
2010Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel2Course completed
2010Sue & BusterBlack Labrador243:00
2010Lora & BillyTerrier2Course completed
2010Lora & MegTerrier3Course completed
2010Margaret & EbonyBrittany148:00
2009Laura & SallyJack Russell Terrier3Course completed
2009Laura & SallyPatterdale Terrier233.27
2009Zoe & DenfordLabrador X237.21
2009Zoe & ChandaLabrador X239.80
2009Marilyn & GemmaBorder Collie3Course completed
2009Heidi & MartiCavalier King Charles250.00
2009Daryl & PoppyJack Russell Terrier2Course completed
2009Liz & HarrieBorder Terrier4Course completed
2009Evelyn & RegalBeagle3Course completed
2009Zoe & ChandaLabrador X138.58
2009Lyn & MillieBorder Collie156.94
2009Laura & MegJack Russell Terrier142.39
2009Steven & TashaWorking Sheepdog132.51
2009Marilyn & IslaBorder Collie1Course completed
2009Steven & TashaWorking Sheepdog232.60
2009Zoe & DenfordLabrador X142.38
2009Lyn & MillieBorder Collie2Course completed
2009Heidi & MartiCavalier King Charles161.11
2009Evelyn & ReagleBeagle242.59
2009Laura & MegJack Russell Terrier237.30
2009Daryl & PoppyJack Russell Terrier141.63
2008Oliver & TinkerGolden Retriever143.00
2008Sue & HarryBorder Collie1Course completed
2008Oliver & SaskinBorder Collie cross1Course completed
2008Rebecca & ChipCollie X1Course completed
2008Sue & MistyBorder Collie1Course completed
2008Julie & MegBorder Collie X Kelpie1Course completed
2008Lyn & MillieBorder Collie1Course completed
2008Vikki & SkyeWhippet1Course completed
2008Connie & FrankieBlack Labrador247.00
2008Stacey & EllieCollie X2Course completed
2008Sue & BusterBlack Labrador2Course completed
2008Rachel & MoloCocker Spaniel2Course completed
2008Greg & MitchCavalier King Charles353.00
2008Helen & MollyLurcher235.00
2008Liz & HarrieBorder Terrier354.00
2008Oliver & JasmineChocolate Labrador3Course completed
2008Jan & MegBorder Collie3Course completed
2008Oliver & KellyWest Highland White355.00
2008Liz & HarrieBorder Terrier4Course completed
2008Marilyn & GemmaBorder Collie245.00
2008Sarah & FloydLurcher164.00
2008Sue & BusterBlack Labrador159.00
2008Georgina & KatieWorking Sheepdog2Course completed
2008Jill & StobieEnglish Springer Spaniel136.00
2008Conny & FrankieBlack Labrador153.00
2008Stacey & EllieCollie X149.00
2008Laura & SallyPatterdale Terrier152.00
2008Oliver & LucyX Breed135.00
2008Sue & PurdyLhasa Apso1Course completed
2008Marilyn & IslaBorder Collie1Course completed
2007Helen & MollyLurcher144.00
2007Carly & SkyeBorder Collie159.00
2007Lucy & RockyYorkshire Terrier147.00
2007Mary & CasperSpringer X151.00
2007Liz & HarrieBorder Terrier259.00
2007Marilyn & GemmaBorder Collie150.00
2007Jan & MegBorder Collie244.00
2007Cathy & TashaWorking Sheepdog131.00
2007Evelyn & ReagleBeagle151.00
2007Carly & SkyeBorder Collie242.00
2007Georgina & KatieWorking Sheepdog140.00
2007Lucy & BessieBearded Collie240.00
2007Lucy & BessieBearded Collie139.00
2007Greg & MitchCavalier King Charles250.00
2007Lucy & RockyYorkshire Terrier253.00
2007Greg & MitchCavalier King Charles153.00
2007Oliver & KellyWest Highland White151.00
2007Oliver & JasmineChocolate Labrador156.00
2007Mary & KelceyBeardie X157.00
2007Liz & HarrieBorder Terrier159.00
2007Rachel & MoloCocker Spaniel157.00
2007Jan & MegBorder Collie154.00
2007Oliver & KellyWest Highland White251.00
2007Carly & StellaStaffordshire Bull Terrier149.00
2007Oliver & JasmineChocolate Labrador259.00

The 2009 Progress Tests were held on the 1st & 2nd August 2009 at Niton Football Field courtesy of Niton Barns.

The 2008 Progress Tests were held on the 19th & 20th of July 2008 at ‘Mill Cottage Kennels & Cattery’.  Thank you so much Pat for allowing us to use your premises, what a superb location.

The 2007 Progress Tests were held on the 8th July 2007. I am very grateful to the RSPCA for lending us their fantastic arena to hold our first tests.