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Steeplechase Progress Test Results

YearHandler & DogBreedLevelTime in seconds
(if Passed)
2014Doro & IsisBorder Collie226.50
2014Steph & DitsyGolden doodle148.64
2014Doro & IsisBorder Collie132.35
2014Marilyn & NoodleCockerpoo143.20
2014Karen & TwixCollie X136.70
2014Sue & MaddieCairn x Jack russell1Course completed
2014Steph & DitsyGolden doodle226.05
2014Marilyn & NoodleCockerpoo226.68
2014Karen & TwixCollie X221.42
2013Martyn & MeganChocolate Labrador222.34
2013Daryl & PoppyJack Russell Terrier226.36
2013Daryl & PoppyJack Russell Terrier134.03
2013Cathy & KatieWorking Sheepdog222.03
2013Jill & StobieEnglish Springer Spaniel131.41
2013Martyn & MeganChocolate Labrador128.34
2013Martyn & MillieCollie x Retriever134.27
2013Cathy & KatieWorking Sheepdog129.50
2013Sine & MyaWorking Sheepdog131.99
2013Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel136.29
2013Cathy & AmyWorking Sheepdog122.60
2013Martyn & MillieCollie x Retriever224.99
2013Pat & RoloCocker Spaniel227.96