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About The Dogs

Many different types of dogs participate in dog agility, it doesn’t matter the breed or size as long as they are physically capable of running (or walking) the course. Some do it for fun, whilst others compete with the aim to make it to championship level. What ever your reasons for participating in dog agility, Wight Wizards can help.

It is easy to admire a well trained agility dog whilst despairing at your own uncooperative (to put it politely) pooch who refuses to do whatever you want. Often however, that well trained dog was the most awkward animal going and it is only through perseverance that the ‘battle’ was won. Within these pages and related posts you will find accounts from various Wight Wizard Handlers on how they changed that stubborn dog into an agility dog.

Some of the handlers take their dogs to various competitions (Kennel Club and UK Agility). The motivation for competing varies but both the handlers and the dogs get a ‘buzz’ from the competition environment. Many of our handlers and dogs also show their dog agility skills in the ring environment by taking part in demonstrations held at various Isle of Wight events.

If you are currently training with Wight Wizards and would like to feature your dog on this website then please contact Cathy to discuss further. The aim is to get a site that reflects the highs (and lows) of agility training. It does not matter whether you train for fun or competition your experiences would be valuable to others.

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Handlers relaxing

Handlers relaxing