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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier cross
Kennel Name: Mambo Number Five
Born: 30/08/2008
Started Agility: 2010
Size: Small (KC) / Mini (UKA)
KC Grade: 2
UKA Grade: Beginner (Performance)
Beginner (Steeplechase)
Handler: Ollie

Gypsy is an RSPCA rescue dog from the Isle of Wight branch. Ollie and Cathy met Gypsy in May 2010 when they took part in a council scheme called “Take The Lead”, where Dogs at the RSPCA were matched with disadvantaged children for a week of training and learning. Ollie was Cathy’s assistant, but worked with Gypsy to lead by example after one of the children backed out; leaving Gypsy without a handler. With Ollie’s first agility dog retiring, he was on the look-out for a new talent to compete alongside his agility star – Saskin. Gypsy was a very fast learner… as well as a very fast dog, and so Ollie knew she was the dog for him.

Her show name (Mambo Number Five) was decided as she is Ollie’s family’s fifth dog. In her first show, a UKA in March 2011, Gypsy came home with a 1st and a 3rd!

In early 2012, Ollie decided that the best option for Gypsy and his other dogs was to re-home her with someone who has no other dog and can thus give Gypsy the attention she craved around the clock. Ollie began a new training routine with her – most of which took place during agility. Eventually, the right home was found and Gypsy went on her way to start a new chapter in her life. She settled immediately and all stories of her are positive.

Gypsy is an amazing dog with so much potential in any situation that she may find herself in… Agility most definitely played an important part in keeping her fit, happy and getting her prepared for a new home.

Gypsy’s results