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Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Kennel Name: Megan
Born: February 2010
Started Agility: February 2011
Size: Maxi (UKA) / Large (KC)
UKA Grade: Senior (Performance)
Champ (Steeplechase)
KC Grade: 1
Handler: Martyn

Megan was homed at the age of 6 weeks old, and has been one of the easiest dogs to train. She started agility training bang on her 1st birthday and didnt have any intention of competing. After a year of doing agility (2012) Martyn decided to compete with Megan. Soon after that they took UKA by storm and have been competing all over the country.

Her favourite things include food and toys, but her favourite man is Buster who also does Agility at Wight Wizards.

Megan’s results

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