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Breed: Tibetan Terrier
Kennel Name: Mop
Born: 09/03/2010
Started Agility: 2011
Size: Midi (UKA) / Medium (KC)
UKA Grade: Senior (Performance)
Champ (Steeplechase)
KC Grade: 1
Handler: Mark

Mop is a Tibetan Terrier and was born near Honiton in Devon (hence the West Country burr in her bark) on 9th March 2010. She came to live with Mark on the Isle of Wight when she was 12 weeks old.

She was joined at the same time by Smiff, a rescue kitten from the RSPCA in Godshill.

Mop and Smiff were named in honour of a children’s TV programme of the same name from the 80’s that nobody else seems to remember. (Although the Mop in that was actually an Old English Sheep dog)

As the theme tune from the show stated about the originals, “Mop and Smiff they are two of a kind, there’s no doubt at all they’re best of friends”, and that applies in equal measure to their latter day namesakes.

Smiff likes to bring in furry woodland creatures in an attempt to teach Mop to hunt, but the training would appear to be futile. Mop does, however, take the duty of protecting Smiff very seriously and will rush to the garden to check up on her if she thinks there’s been another cat picking on her. A duty that sometimes looks to be negated slightly by the fact that two minutes later the cat will be seen being dragged by the head round the garden by Mop. Oh well, they both seem to enjoy the game.

Mop isn’t a big fan of TV but sometimes likes to chill out with one of her favourite DVDs, The Truth About Cats and Dogs or The Incredible Journey. (The 1963 original, obviously, not the poor remake from three decades later). She also enjoys updating her Facebook page and writing articles for the Wight Wizards website. (With a little help from Mark).

Mop was due to try agility when she was a year old but a problem with one of her front legs meant that had to be put on hold for six months. She eventually went to a Wight Wizards training day at the end of August 2011 and started as a regular Monday night member in November.

She began competing at the start of August 2012 and collected four clear round rosettes (including a 4th and 2nd place) in her first competition.

As well as being a budding agility star, Mop is also a fully trained Assistance Dog and if she wasn’t busy keeping Mark out of trouble she’d be gainfully employed as an Eating Dog for the Anorexic.

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