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Breed: Border Collie cross
Kennel Name: Seriously Saskin
Born: 18/08/2005
Started Agility: 2009
Size: Medium (KC) / Midi (UKA)
KC Grade: 4
UKA Grade: Champ (Performance)
Champ (Steeplechase)
Handler: Ollie

Saskin was an “Un-rehomable” dog at The Dog’s Trust Kenilworth Centre. After several attempts at rehoming she was deemed unsafe and placed in the rear of the centre – not accessible by the public. In total, at the age of 3, she had spent 2⅟₂ years in kennels. However in 2009 Cathy was invited to look around the centre and after seeing Saskin’s energy and need to work, decided to bring her back to the Isle of Wight as she knew the perfect owner and handler for her.

Ollie and Saskin made a quick and strong connection, and agility training began immediately. Since then they have, and continue to take the Kennel Club shows by storm. Saskin won her fifth 1st place in competition in April 2011, advancing Ollie to become a grade 3 handler.

Saskin’s results

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