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Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Kennel Name: Stobart Boy
Born: 22/07/2004
Started Agility: 2007
Retired from competition 2014
Size: Standard (UKA) / Large (KC)
UKA Grade: Champ (Performance)
Senior (Steeplechase)
KC Grade: 1
Handler: Jill

Stobie was a private rescue when he was one year old. He came from loving home but due to discovering a severe  dog allergy he had to be rehomed. Whilst he was a pup there was building works going on around him and have since discovered that he has developed a problem with hammering / chopping sounds but not explosions.

He took the rehoming hard and it was about 12 months before he really settled down in his new home.

…. to be continued.

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