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  • 50 Shades of Purple 26/08/2012

    Cathy sat back, exhausted, a thin film of perspiration glistening on her lithe body, yet still she demanded more. Her voice hoarse, she exclaimed breathlessly, “Now I want to do it with two at the same time”.

    Last year the Isle of Wight’s Garlic Festival made it into a book featuring Britain’s top ‘Crap Days Out’. The competition was fierce, as anybody who has holidayed in this country and searched out ‘attractions’ to entertain the family will probably attest, but make it in it did, alongside the likes of Singles Night at Asda in Burnley, the UK Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships and Cumbria’s Pencil Museum.

    Yet still, 20,000 people attended the event over the two days in 2012. Something must have attracted them? Could it have been the chance to buy a sausage in a bread roll for £4.50? No? Maybe it was the opportunity to see a group of people in pyjamas spitting paraffin onto candles? No again? Then the answer surely lies in the first few lines of this narrative, they’d come to see Cathy Humphries running two dogs round an agility course at the same time and the rest of the Wight Wizards Dog Agility team doing their best to jump, climb and weave their way into the hearts and minds of the crowd.

    Not that doing anything successfully was important to those watching on. Yes, there were admiring glances at the sheer speed of Ollie with his dog Saskin, and a collective “Oooooo” as Stobie attacked the weave poles with his usual skill and enthusiasm, but there was also applause and laughter for Rolo as he navigated the weaves with his trademark two tone bark and for Mop who ran the length of the arena and disappeared into the crowd in the position where she’d seen her mum sitting two hours beforehand.

    Agility isn’t just about being successful, it’s mainly about having fun for dog and handler, getting something right is a bonus.

    Everybody got the chance to run their dogs individually to start with and then in relay races at the end of each demo. Not that the relays are serious races, I mean it’s not as though any cheating takes place or anybody is competitive enough to be concerned about winning *cough* but purely for the record I’d like to put it in writing that mine and Mop’s team won. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    I think the most serious cheating took place when Cathy challenged Martyn to Labs v Collies races, both handlers running two dogs simultaneously. The Labs weren’t as quick as the Collies but managed to win more than once by being accurate and not being made to go back and do the equipment correctly! Hopefully that’s something that anybody watching over the weekend will have noted, it isn’t just Collies that can do agility and do it well, we had a full range of dogs on display covering all four jump heights and all acquitted themselves with honour.

    Why not try running your dog at the next Wight Wizards demonstration if you haven’t already done so? It’s fun and if you’re interested in competing but are nervous then it’s a great way to see how you and your four legged friend will perform in front of crowds and lots of other dogs. Everybody I’ve seen attend one of these shows always seems to rise to the occasion.

    I’m loathe to mention more names of people taking part because I’m bound to forget somebody, but a very big thank you to EVERYBODY who was involved at some point over the weekend and especially anybody who managed to help set up on the Friday evening or pack away on Sunday.

    Team M&M

    (aka Mark & Mop)

  • Spring Garden Show 2012 cancelled 26/04/2012 After a week of terrible weather including torrential rain and high winds, organisers of the 2012 Spring Garden Show at Robin Hill have had no choice but to cancel this year’s event (Robin Hill Press Release). Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you to those who offered to be a part of it. Cathy
  • Agility Demonstration – Garlic Festival 12/07/2010 Wight Wizards will be running agility demonstrations at the Garlic Festival on 14th & 15th August 2010. ALL levels of ability of dog and handler are most welcome. If you would prefer not to run your dog but can offer help with set up and break down of equipment your help will also ...

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