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Training with Wight Wizards

Wight Wizards Agility & Flyball is based on the Isle of Wight. It holds regular dog agility training sessions at Lake Farm Equestrian Centre, Rookley, Isle of Wight. Four training classes are held on a Monday evening in a secure indoor sand school. Each class is an hour long and the first class begins at 5pm with subsequent classes starting on the hour. A waiting list is in operation so please get in touch to check availability.

In the warmer drier months outdoor agility training sessions and progress tests are held. These sessions usually take place at a weekend and normally run from 10am to 5pm. The 2015 training dates are now available for booking.

Wight Wizards will teach you and your dog to complete all the equipment in a safe and successful way using positive reinforcement methods. Encouraging the recognition of ‘good’ behaviour we expect rewards to be of high quality, including verbal praise, tasty tit bits, toys or a combination of these. The classes are structured but Wight Wizards can be flexible to meet the needs of individual requirements. Training can be either in groups or 1-1 basis to maintain quality time to train your dog.

All breeds of dog are welcome and we encourage beginner through to competitor. Dogs may join us for training after their 1st birthday. All ages of handler are also welcome. Our youngest handler is 8 years old and is showing great promise in the Dog Agility ring.

Wight Wizards offer an insured, professional, friendly and encouraging service for you and your dog. The equipment used is full size.

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